What we Approach

Our Story

Your home, our concern.

The founders are three brothers Baliu: Afrim, Naim and Bujar, where the idea for the company’s name came from their initials: ANB Baliu.

The year 2003 is the beginning of our company with the most modern technology and with the guarantee of a high quality of furniture production, thus being very well positioned in the consciousness of many customers.

The 25-years experience in mobile furniture, professionalism and customer behavior in Switzerland has made us making more progress and increase the quality of our work and our services.

The high standard of working with the most modern technology, the unique design of furniture in accordance with functionality are the main points that we rely on today to have always success in the future.

What makes us

Rectitude, sustainability of our products, unique designs, dedication to customer requirements are just some of the key points that make us one step ahead from our competitors.

So your home, is just our concern. We take care of meeting your needs by serving you, so that your concern is just our concern.

Our Vision

In the near future, we intend to increase our production capacity and expand by exporting to European countries.

Our Mission

That the concern of our customers, to be just our concern in providing the most quality services in the production of the highest quality furniture, always with the most unique designs in the market.

What people say

“Your accuracy and correctness make us, to have a continuous partnership with you”